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Belynda Waugh (BINDI)

t/a   Waugh Investments Pty Ltd.

34 Butler Street. Yarwun.4694

Ph. 07 49 736642 Mob 0438166834

A.B.N. 41 152 185 093   A.C.N. 108 623 632



Name:                         Belynda Waugh (Work signed as Bindi)

I am an indigenous artist currently living in Yarwun which is 20km north of Gladstone in central Queensland. I identify as a Iman and Bundjalung woman.


Pottery and Ceramics.

In 1993 I established Yarwun Pottery. Equipment includes a 17 cubic ft gas kiln,

4 cubic ft electric kiln, slab roller and pottery wheel.  At present all work is slip cast, highly decorated and often gift boxed. At present work is mainly produced for commission and also exhibition.

Commercial illustrator and author.

Work is by commission only and includes illustrations for children’s books through Black Ink Press, Townsville and Central Queensland University Press, Rockhampton.

Workshops and Artist Talks:

I offer a range of one or two day workshops. I also can conduct outcome specific projects such as the Water Towers Project where a 138 sq mt mural was painted on a concrete water tank by the indigenous community of Biloela. Other projects include “Metal and Mangroves “with the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale and Book Links Queensland. This project involved 15 upper primary level students who wrote and illustrated a series of stories regarding the interaction between industry and the environment. The resulting work was exhibited at The Edge, State Library of Queensland during the Brisbane Writers Festival and then toured regional Queensland. These works where then published.  In 2011 I held a series of workshops in Mt Morgan, with the indigenous community to complete 5 panels which are part of the new indigenous display at the Mt Morgan Museum.


Marine Debris Project  – Tannum Sands.

Gladstone Eastern Shores Coal Exporters Port Precinct – Jewel Boxes.

Hillclose Parklands Estate Public Art Project.

Rockhampton Flood Marker Project.

Gladstone Library Square Project.

Biloela  “Spirit of the Land” water tower project.

Mt Morgan Museum Project.




N.A.I.D.O.C. AWARDS (National Aboriginal Islander Day of Observance Committee.

2015     Max National Indigenous Art Awards – Winner

2015     Murri Artist – Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2015     Peoples Choice Award – Q.A.L. – Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Awards

2015      Peoples Choice Award – Queensland Aluminum Ltd – Martin Hanson Awards

2014     Murri Artist – Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Art Awards

2013     Murri Artist – Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Art Awards   

2012    Overall Winner Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards

2011     LOCAL ARTIST AWARD –  Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art  Awards

2011     MURRI ARTIST AWARD –  Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2009     MURRI ARTIST AWARD – Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2009    Gladstone Ports Corporation Art Awards – Runner Up

2008   Central Queensland University Art Award – Winner.

2007   MURRI ARTIST  – Rio Tinto Aluminum Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award

2007   Gladstone Ports Corporation – Winner

2006   MURRI ARTIST AWARD – Comalco Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award

2005   MURRI ARTIST AWARD – Comalco Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award

2003   LOCAL ARTIST AWARD – Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award.


2005    Children’s Book:  TURTLE EGG DAY Black Ink Press. Townsville.

2004    CROW FEATHERS   An anthology of indigenous poetry.  Black Ink Press.

2005    Cover Seniors Card Booklet. Department of Communities. 2004 – 2005

1996    Aboriginal Law Bulletin “Women’s Issue” May.

1995    We Al-Li Project” Poster and Logo.  Queensland Department of Health.

1995    A HEALING PLACE” Book.  Central Queensland University Press.


2012    TAI TOKERAU ARTISTS and Exhibition. 2 week long cultural exchange in N.Z.

2011    MT MORGAN MUSEUM PROJECT recreation of indigenous display.

2010    CONNECTING ON COUNTRY.  Artist retreat with 10 NZ Artists.

2009    ART WITH BINDI. Gladstone Regional Gallery.

2007    METAL AND MANGROVES. Workshop and publication of 15 illustrated stories by   primary school students and exhibition at the State Library of Queensland.

2006    A.T.O.D.S. workshop at Joskeleigh for Department of Health.

2005    Biloela Water Tower Project. Commissioned by Queensland Rural Womens Network. Workshops and the painting of 138sq mtr mural on a water tower.

2005    POT IN A BOX SERIES. Commissioned Rio Tinto Australia.

2005    Gladstone Murri Centre ceramics workshop and exhibition N.A.I.D.O.C. Week

2005    Biloela indigenous community fabric painting and banner making workshop.

2004   MURRI CARDS PROJECT  Funded Comalco Alumina Refinery.

2003   MOBIL MURAL Sunfest. Qld Arts Council.

2003   NAVAR BORALIGIM WOMEN’S GROUP. Pottery workshop and exhibition.

2002   AWOONGA IMMERSION II  Workshop and exhibition. Gladstone.

2001   HERON ISLAND ARTIST RETREAT PROJECT. Workshops on Heron Island. Exhibition at Cedar Galleries and Gladstone Regional Gallery.

2000   OP ARTS  Workshops.  Gladstone Regional Gallery.

2000    CQU workshops with early childhood students.

2000    SUNFEST MURAL. Awoonga Dam picnic area.

1999   AWOONGA IMMERSION  Kin Kora Primary School.

1999   JUNGLES  Sunfest. Gladstone kindgarden.

1999   ARTS IN THE PARK Island Sands Art Festival.

1998   HARD HATS Gladstone State High School.

1998   RAINBOW SERPENT  Sunfest mural Gladstone swimming pool.


2016    Appropriate / Not Appropriate.  Gladstone Regional Gallery

2015    Returning Cross Culture : Blending our Identities.  Mill Gallery

2014    KOKIRI PUTAHI 7th Gathering of International Visual Artists

Te Tai Tokerau Ngaphui Exhibition. New Zealand

2014     Three Ways of Seeing.  Maryborough

2014      Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2014       N.A.I.D.O.C. Exhibition Gladstone Regional Gallery

2013      Pride of the Dingo Articulate Qld State Arts Conference. Rockhampton

2013      Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2013     N.A.I.D.O.C.   Gladstone Regional Gallery.

2012     TOI NGAPUHI. Ngapuhi Festival 2012  NEW ZEALAND.

2011     Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards. (Winner 2 sections)

2011     SPIRIT OF THE LAND Gatagers Gallery Maryborough.

2011     CONNECTING ON COUNTRY Gatagers Gallery Maryborough.

2010     CONNECTING ON COUNTRY Childers Art Gallery

2010     Rio Tinto Alcan Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards

2009      Gladstone Ports Corporation Art Awards ( Runner Up)

2008      Central Queensland University Art Awards  (Winner)

2007     Rio Tinto Aluminium Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award (Winner Murri Artist)

2007      Gladstone Ports Corporation Art Awards (Winner)

2007    ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS Umbrella Studios. Townsville.

2006     Comalco Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award (Winner)

2005    Comalco Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award

2003    OUR CHILDREN OUR FUTURE Gladstone Regional Gallery

2002    RECOGNITION, RIGHT AND REFORM Gladstone Regional Gallery

2001    TREATY: LET’S GET IT RIGHT Gladstone Regional Gallery

2001    GATHERINGS II: Exhibition and book launch Brisbane.

2001    AWOONGA IMMERSION II  Gladstone  Regional Gallery.

2000    EARTH MOTHER DANCING Solo Exhibition Cedar Galleries Gladstone.

2000    THE X FACTOR AND OTHER WORKS Bundaberg Art Gallery.

2000    BUILDING PRIDE IN THE COMMUNITY Gladstone Regional Gallery.

1999    RESPECT Gladstone Regional Gallery

1998    BRINGING THEM HOME Gladstone Regional Gallery.

1996    SINNERS AND STRUTTERS Toured Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

1995    A SALTY TALE Potters Place Gladstone.

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  1. Hi Bindi,

    It was nice talking to you on the phone today. As I mentioned I loved you piece in the Bayton’s Award and would love to participate in a workshop.


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