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The SPIRIT OF THE LAND PROJECT was commissioned by the Queensland Rural Womens network and celebrated the contribution women made to the establishment of the Callide Valley. The indigenous section of the mural show aboriginal culture up till the time of white settlement. The actual mural is painted on one of the town’s water tanks which is next to the Biloela hospital. Initially I conducted a couple of workshops with the indigenous community of Biloela and drew up a concept to scale so the elders of the community could approve the images. The actual painting of the mural took 132 hours (over 3 weeks) and I had help from volunteers who were able to work on the bottom 2 metres only. The mural is 6 metres high and 32 metres long. The paint used was exterior acrylic with a anti graffiti glaze on top.


The good times where the wonderful people who were involved with the project and total strangers dropping by for a chat with something for me for my morning tea or lunch. The not so good times included a Biloela winter and the daylight to dark work schedule to get it complete in the 3 weeks.









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