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The proposed new design for the indigenous section Mt Morgan Musuem


The project was to supply the 5 panels that run around the top of the display. The indigenous community of Mt Morgan where to assist in the decision of what would be on the panels and also the painting of them.
After a meeting with the elders and community I prepared the panels and we then held a weekend workshop at Mt Morgan to paint them.

This is the first panel and it has the hand prints of all workshop participants and the mountain range which Mt Morgan is part of. The border is the Gumby Gumby plant and Quinine Bush which are local plants.

This is panel 2 which tells the story of Alfred Tull who drowned in 1928 while swimming the Dee River. He was a well know cricketer and excellent stockmen. It was believed that he drowned while trying to save a child.

The 3rd panel showed all the local indigenous plants and animals.

The 4th panel told the story of the Boomerang Factory which was a source of local employment in the community.

The 5th panel is a simple map of the township which included the dam, the Dee river and the Mt Morgan mine.

When it was all installed and opened during NAIDOC Week 2011 it looked like this. I especially loved the Gummby Gummby trees on each side. They are printed on clear plastic sheets and then trimmed.

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